One of the missions of the Office of the Arts is to ignite, showcase and sustain our global community of KAUST creatives. During these unprecedented and challenging COVID-19 times, this mission is more important than ever.

This is why we have created Culture in Quarantine (CinQ) whose home is here, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

To show and strengthen our collective resilience, to look at what is happening around us, to listen to people in our community, and learn and grow from our experiences.

CinQ will serve as a legacy of positivity during this challenging period and will sharpen our understanding of the importance of arts and culture as an "essential service" and their contribution to our wellbeing.

KAUST is a unique international research community established in 2009 at the shores of the Red Sea.

As a global destination for high-impact science and innovation, KAUST focuses on four areas of universal significance — food, water, energy and the environment.

By inspiring discoveries to address broad challenges, we are a catalyst for innovation and economic development and social prosperity for Saudi Arabia and the world.

Home to more than a hundred nationalities, KAUST has attracted, and produced, leading scientists across the world studying regionally important issues such as desert agriculture, Red Sea research, water desalination, solar energy and more.

Envisioned by King Abdullah to be a new “House of Wisdom,” KAUST University aims to be a beacon for peace, hope, and reconciliation that bridges people and cultures for the betterment of humanity.

LOOK at what your fellow community members are creating and open your eyes to new possibilities. Join our neighbours on their doorsteps, discover the heroes and healers of COVID-19, and explore the work of our experienced artists and younger members alike.

LISTEN to those around us; enjoy melodic self-expressions from our talented colleagues and friends. Let them take you to faraway times and places, all from a safe distance.

LEARN from our knowledgeable and resourceful community. Pursue as diverse forms of connections as dance, cooking or yoga, all designed to help you cope just that little bit better at this moment and beyond.

Let’s GROW together. By responding positively to the challenges and by rising through them, we will emerge better, stronger and more sharing than before.

Solkem N'Gangbet
Head of the Office of the Arts