Don’t Rush Learn

Life is too short to sit still! Movement is one of the things I do on a daily basis because of the enormous mental & physical health benefits, and lockdown was no exception! Teaching free Zoom dance and fitness classes, and making dance tutorial videos for my YouTube Channel throughout the pandemic was my way of giving back to the KAUST community. The results were amazing: it allowed me to stay in shape, connect with people, and continue my artistic endeavors. I felt so happy after every class, seeing people dancing with me despite difficult circumstances. Thank you to all who participated!

Don't Rush

In addition to offering free, live, online dance and fitness classes to the KAUST Community, I also decided to give my YouTube Channel a "makeover." I uploaded more content, learned some new video editing programs, learned how to design interesting thumbnails, and studied SEO and web marketing a bit. It was a great project for me to keep busy, stay active, and get the creative juices flowing!