Mindful and Present- Easing the Stress of COVID-19 Grow

Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily 

In this episode, Neila and Andy share their recent learning related to mindfulness and the impact it can have on easing stress during difficult times. In particular how living more mindfully can help to better cope with the stress, anxiety and massive disruption caused by the current COVID-19 crisis that has inflicted itself on the world.

Mindful and Present- Easing the Stress of COVID-19

About Andy and Neila Neila Steele and Andy Vasily are international educators who have worked at fully authorized IB schools in 5 different countries over the past 18 years (Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China and Saudi Arabia). The both currently work at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). 

Andy is a pedagogical coordinator, and educational consultant, workshop leader, and presenter. Neila is a former registered nurse turned elementary educator and presents and leads multiple workshops in the area of mindfulness around the world. 

Both Andy and Neila have devoted themselves to sharing the powerful effects that mindfulness has on promoting greater mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being. Neila Steele Twitter: @neilasteele Website: www.mindfulandpresent.com Andy Vasily Twitter: @andyvasily Website: www.pyppewithandy.com

Special thanks to Bronx based band Conversing with Oceans and Alex Bondarev for creating the podcast music. https://www.conversingwithoceans.com/