Poem ''Covid-19'' Look


A bustling street full of people turned into a ghost town,
Months at home made people's smiles turn into frowns.

While we stayed home, some unfortunate scores of people died, Because of a certain few who broke rules, the country and the world cried.

Fist &elbow bumps, leg taps replaced the traditional meets,
Instead of physical world everything switched to virtual meet and greets.

Masks and sanitizer were made mandatory for all,
Who knew because of the pandemic the economy will take a fall.

Whoever thought one day the flights across the world would be halted, And movement even between cities would be jolted.

Each day people lost their loved ones, millions lost their jobs,
It’s unfortunate when doctors went to get samples for covid-19 patients they were jolted by mobs.

When governments all across the world made rules to stay home, There were still some ignorant people who went out of their quarantines and their homes to roam.

While loads of people stayed at home frontline warriors kept us safe, They were our superheroes just like Superman, just without capes.

Doctors, grocery shop workers, policemen, sanitation workers, security personnel’s a big thank you.
You all are the best people and have kept us safe and are definitely the ones amongst the few.

We have got this far, we can fight this through just as a team,
“Thank you” to each one who follows rules and keeps us safe; is what I would like to scream.

Aditya JETLY