Summeya ALI Look

Attempt to Ponder
On the brink of charcoal
On the edge of black
Completed the peaches
For that cannot last
The sky foretells
That non is forever
Not close to permanent
Its one to endeavor
Glance to your left, & you’ll see the light
Turn to the opposite, & you’ve entered the night
The point of the cycle that hasn’t reached its height
If you sit & even consider to ponder
Or stare or even wonder
That vail of contentment shall lift as you grow fonder
Of the ombre, the puffs, the depths far from touch
All will now be seen
If you attempt to ponder

Summeya Ali

Summeya further explains:

"Attempt to Ponder" is a poem expressing the writer’s extreme adoration for the setting of the sun.
She describes the feeling of enlightenment through nature which she feels when pondering at the sunset. She believes if we simply attempt to ponder or look at the sky above us, we can truly gain so much gratitude for the beautiful world we are living in. The sunset is an aspect of the Earth's daily cycle, a phenomenon we unconsciously disregard. The writer believes the sunset is a majestic observation and by simply pondering upon it, we are brought back to the present moment. Back to our inner self through mindful observation of the fleeting moments of the sun's majestic feat.