Summeya ALI Look

Trapped + Home = Forced Enlightenment is an expression of the positive impact Covid-19 / quarantine has had on us, humans. It's zooming into the narrative of how something that is perceived as a negative situation (being trapped at home) is truly a blessing in disguise.

The start of the poem entails day to day overly used phrases/quotes that are conversed between the people who experienced this epidemic, then followed along with a meaningful truth responding to the phrase. This opens the perception of the sayers of these phrases with an understanding of why we even say what we say.

Trapped + Home = Forced Enlightenment

“How long has it been?”
i’ve lost track of time
“Can’t wait to see you”
you’ve become a memory of mine
“I miss the normal world”
we created a new one, this time it’ll shine
Innovative new ways
Converse with voices through sound waves
Appreciation of our nature & it’s subtle haze
Exploring our passions, that we ignored in normal days
Regret & aware
Of all the moments we never spared
From small talk to a handshake
To freely breathing with no hesitate
All privileges we had ranted
Blessings we took for granted
6 months of extensive time we rented
Almost a time warp, an illusion, felt & augmented
Has evolved our souls
Refurnished the relations of our homes
Retained our true potential while all alone
We grew with space
As individuals who now will cultivate
All on our own
& this proves the value of us, trapped at home
Summeya Ali