The Maskateers Gallery Grow

The KAUST Maskateers is a passionate volunteer driven group of 22 members and their families, from 16 countries, who came together to stand in solidarity with the KAUST community offering their time, talent and care by creating face masks to help protect people from contracting the coronavirus.

Together they produced around 3,000 facemasks for the community while weaving new friendships. The group supported each other and proudly and humbly wear the badge of “Covid-19 Mask Maker.” It gives the Maskateers great pleasure to be able to serve the community and be part of not only a community, but also a global effort to help fight the pandemic.

The Maskateers

Monica CHAN


Mary FOWLER & family


Konnie LANGLEY & family

Robyn PALESCANDOLO & family


We would like to thank Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Community Life for supporting us and giving us this opportunity, and The Boys Scouts for their efforts in distribution.

The Maskateers: Aulia Indah, Begimai Adilbekova, Betsy Ryan, Chandru Anantharaman, Gordana Rauski, Gulzhan Tumenbayeva, Hafsa Tajammal, Ingrid McCormack, Jamila Yorova, Katie Hoffman, Konnie Langley, Lenita Queiroz, Maria Nava, Mary Fowler, Monica Chan, Nadia Bashir, Nora Alshibani, Nouf Alshamrani, Rabab Wereda, Robyn Palescandolo, Sheri Tibbit, Wendy Foreman.