TKS Visual Arts Exhibition Look

The final exhibition at the end of the IB diploma Visual arts course is the culmination of the students two years of visual arts experience. Traditionally, this exhibition takes place in March in the University Library, but this year, due to the pandemic, TKS decided to share the students' artworks in a virtual exhibition instead. The students were taught by Jecton Were (DP/MYP Visual arts teacher; Arts Subject Leader) and the virtual exhibition created by Azra Hanif (Education Technology Coach).

Saad Alderaan

Ilanka Cook

Nicolas de LEVAY




This final exhibition is the culmination of the students two years of visual arts experience. They present a selection of their best work in the form of a curated show and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale.

Saad ALDERAAN As a Saudi Arabian, ever since I was a child art has been my passion. From redrawing screenshots of anime to making my manga to then painting and sculpting in DP Visual arts, I think it has taken up a massive part of my life thus far. I've always drawn portraits, and now depicting people who are close to me is my theme for this exhibition.

Ilanka Cook (South Africa) I have been surrounded by artists and creative influences my entire life. In elementary school, I focused on art therapy as a project as art has always been my escape from reality. I wanted others to have this knowledge, as well. Painting is something I will never give up; it will stay with me for life.

Nicolas de Levay (Canada) A few years ago, I never thought much about art and its value. To me, it was something that was just there. However, over the past couple of semesters, I have genuinely come to appreciate art as I believe that it has changed my perception of life and inspired me to create.

Judy Hejazi (Saudi Arabia) Creating Art is therapeutic; one can wholly appreciate what Art is once he found his preferred form of creation. To me, it has always been digital Art that kept me going; it opened my imagination and made me visualize the outcome once creativity meets technology. Growing up in a multicultural community inspired my creative work and has helped me to cultivate interpersonal skills, exposing me to an array of local and global humanitarian and social issues from which I create Art.

Esraa Othman (Saudi Arabia) I have lived at KAUST for seven years, and I have developed my artistic skills to a great extent during the time. I’ve faced some challenges with my art, but every problem has pushed me to improve my technical skills. I have always been interested in drawing and painting from a young age, and KAUST has allowed me to develop and express my Visual arts skills. My art is representative of my personality (bold, story-telling). The DP Visual arts course has been enjoyable regardless of the workload, and I'm proud of the pieces I produced in my last two years at the school.

Matthew Westbrook (USA) I have lived in six different countries and have been living here in KAUST for the past three years. Previously, I hadn't had much experience with art, and I have only been studying it since the start of last year. However, it has been a great way to relax and relieve me of stress from other subjects. It has taught me to take a step back from things and have a different approach or perspective from everyday life. Though my art skills are not advanced yet, I still enjoyed creating the work I have created and the time and effort I have put into it.

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